Twelve days Safari

Tarangire national park, Ngorongoro, Lake Natroni, Serengeti, Lake Victoria .
Starting from Arusha, spend a first night in Arusha before driving to Tarangire national park, The beautiful Baobab – studded all the park stretches along its namesake river and cover 2850 sq km where you spend one night, though adjacent preserves help protect the extended eco system, Tarangire id the second highest (after Serengeti) concentration of wildlife of any Tanzania national park and the largest concentration of elephants in the world. Larger head of zebras, wildebeest, hartebeest, eland, Oryx, waterbuck, giraffes and buffalos gather along the Tarangire River and several permanent swamps.

From Tarangire drive to Lake Natron shimmering amid the sun – scorched Kenyan boulder north east of Ngorongoro Conservation area. This 58 km long but just 50cm deep alkaline lake. Drive through the traces the rift valley escapement through untrammeled Masai land with small bomas and always in view on this almost treeless plain. After the drive the lake, the lake itself is a secondary; except during the Jun and November breeding season when upward of three millions of flamingo gather here, it is the most important flamingo breeding site in East Africa, you will visit the small oasis of Engaresero ( this is amasai world meaning impermanent water).

From lake Natron drive to the vast plains of the Serengeti, nature’s mystery, power and beauty sorounding you like few other places. It is here that one of the earth’s most impressive natural cycles has played out of eons as hundreds of thousands of hoofed animals, driven by primeval rhythms of survival. The most famous and numerous are the wildebeest (of which there are some 1.5 million) and their annual migration in the Serengeti’s calling card give you a big chance to see the big 5, there spend 2 nights in Lobo area.
After 2 nights in lobo drive to Lake Victoria the Tanzania’s half of Africa’s largest lake sees few visitors but the region holds many attraction for those with bent for the off beast and desire to immerse themselves in the rhythms of local life beyond the tourist trial. The city of Musoma and Kuboka have quite water side charm while most villagers on Ukerewe Island follow a substance lifestyle with little connection to the world beyond the shore. If you have a time you will surely leave this little Conner of Tanzania with new experience and wonderful memories on water sports, life experience, etc. you will spend 2 nights at lake Victoria.

From Lake Victoria drive to central Serengeti for exploring the vast of the plains and Kopjes, central Serengeti is the most visited area of the park, spend 2 nights in the central Serengeti, them from there can take flight to Arusha or drive by road to Arusha

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